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Anambra State Association | DFW


Anambra State Association - Dallas/Fort Worth

We, the sons and daughters and indigenes of Anambra State of Nigeria, living and/or working in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of North Central Texas, being fully committed to the honest advocacy, pursuit, and actual practice and living of the life of love, peace, unity, togetherness, cooperation, understanding and justice among and between ourselves in all matters of common communal interest to us and to Anambra State and Nigeria, do hereby unanimously resolve to constitute ourselves into a formal Union and Organization for the purpose of pursuing and actualizing these goals and ideals for all Anambra people here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and in Anambra State, Nigeria, and elsewhere, and to be governed and regulated by our constitution.

Executive Officers

President: Nnaerika Okonkwo
Vice President: Chike Maduka
General Secretary: Sir Aloy Uche Atuchukwu
Assistant General Secretary: Mrs. Njideka Obi
Financial Secretary: Chief Raymond Okoye
Assistant Financial Secretary: Moses (Moe) Nzelu
Publicity Officer: Vincent Igbokwe
Treasurer: Geoffrey Efochie
Provost: David Okolo